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Practice Areas

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Real Estate

The law of dirt.  Real estate law is about dirt and nearly as old.  Our houses may crumble, our cars break down, and our relationships fizzle, but the real estate remains. Settles is experienced in all facets of real estate law from title disputes to development planning, tax issues and selling or buying real estate.  Settles is most comfortable in the dirt.  



Family Law


Divorce, post-divorce issues, child custody, and any other related family law matters.  Contact Philip to discuss your matter and get advice on the best way to proceed.


Store Front
Northern Michigan is largely made up of small businesses and Settles has been assisting setting up many small businesses in Lansing with formation and planning, along with assistance in litigation.
Criminal Law


Criminal law is fast paced and calls for thinking on your feet.  Settles can walk you through the process, explain each court hearing, and work for the best possible outcome. You are presumed innocent and are entitled to a fair trial, make sure of both with Settles. 





Whether you are the Plaintiff or Defendant in a civil case Philip can help you through the civil process of the Courts.  


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Other Legal Matters

Don't see what you're looking for here, give Philip a call at 231-938-1000 to discuss your situation.

Power of Attorney
Estate Planning

Estate planning is a way to plan for your property to go to those you love with ease.  There are many ways to accomplish your goals and each person’s circumstances are a little different, but we all want to pass our property to our loved ones with ease.  In this regard Settles will work with you to plan and draft the appropriate estate planning documents. 


In the event you have to probate a loved one’s estate through the Probate Court, or seek a guardianship contact us to discuss the estate and the best method to get it done. ​



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